Check Your Visibility in Google, MSN, and Yahoo with these DIY SEO Tools



This could be the 2nd part of an article series in which you’ll discover lots of tools you could use to keep an eye on your website’s search engine ranking and determine how a do it yourself engine marketing efforts are coming along.

TheseĀ keyword ranking api tools are for monitoring your search results inside the three big search engine results. It isn’t a comprehensive checklist, but instead a highlight of a number of the tools you can utilize. (I will direct you to at least one of those master lists once we get into more general tools in part three.)

I’ve covered this in a previous post, but just in the event you missed it, then we will discuss it briefly here. (If you need more help following along, you’re able to listen to one of my recent podcasts for a convenient audio walkthrough.)

Open up your internet browser and visit Google’s website. Enter info:yoursitenameandsuffix. So if your site was you’d type You can even use site:yoursitenameandsuffix to determine which pages have been indexed by Google’s internet search engine spiders.

This search will tell you pages that Google considers similar to yours. Additionally, it will show sites that it considered linked to you, and show sites which carry your complete url, hyperlinked or not. It’s maybe not 100% accurate so far as telling you all the sites which can be linked back to yours, but everything you can discover from this is which backlinks matter.

From here you could also find the previous day Google spidered your website.

To observe in motion, click the very first set of information links,”Show Google’s cache of” If you look beside the word”cached” one the first line, then the date is expressed also.